Australians face higher scrutiny when applying for E-3 Visa

Many Australian citizens have taken advantage of the U.S. E-3 visa since it become available in 2005. Although the U.S. government limits the number of new E-3 visas issued on an annual basis (10,500), this annual quota has never been close to being met. Unlike the similar H-1B visa, E-3 visa applicants have enjoyed more streamlined application processes at U.S. Consulates in Australia, and abroad.

As the number of E-3 visa applications increase, so too have the number of denials. Up to 10% of applications are being rejected, and this increase doesn’t appear to be a natural correlation with the increase in newly filed applications. U.S. authorities appear to be increasing their scrutiny of applicants by ensuring their applications meet the standards of a Specialty Occupation, including the specific educational requirements. David Immigration Law has experience in preparing E-3 visa applications that ensure these critical requirements are correctly addressed to avoid denials.

I was recently asked for my opinion about the increase in E-3 denials for this article by The Australian Community: