Obtaining U.S. citizenship is the end of long process, and marks the start of new beginnings. For many, obtaining U.S. citizenship is a lifelong goal. For others, it can represent the final step in an immigrants’ journey after many years of hard work navigating U.S. immigration laws and procedure. Completing a Naturalization application, undertaking a biometrics appointment, appearing for a Naturalization interview (and citizenship test) and taking the Oath of Allegiance are the final steps in becoming a U.S. citizen.

Although applicants can be confident they have met the requirements for U.S. citizenship, this process can often be more complicated than they expected. We guide applicants through the various stages of the Naturalization process, and provide clarity to the complex requirements needed to qualify for citizenship. In particular, we simplify the Physical Presence and Continuous Residence conditions for the application. We also assist with the preparation of applications for Naturalization made at U.S. Consulates (made through a Consular Report of Birth Abroad), as well as for the relinquishment of U.S. Permanent Residence and U.S. citizenship.

Attorney Andrew David understands what is needed to successfully complete these steps, having personally undertaken the U.S. Naturalization process. He can relate to the common feelings of uncertainty and anxiety as well as the excitement often associated with becoming a U.S. citizen.

You future in the U.S. starts here.